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Noah VanderVeer-Harris

Actor, VO Artist & Model

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Since day one, I have been an asset. A leader to some, best friend to others, but even more importantly, I have been an entertainer and ice breaker to anyone I meet. I love to be the life of the party and the kindling of the debate. That is why I act, and what drives me every day to be better than the last. 

Beginning with stage and musical theatre and quickly transitioning to film, television, and voice over, I know I have the skills and discipline to constantly grow as an actor and make my next performance better than the last. My background in martial arts and dance lets me see the world in a unique way and problem solve with grace and fluidity. I am a guide and friend to everyone who comes my way, because I know how much collaboration and high morale can do for a project. I am an asset, and I am here to work with you.




Represented by Allie Cresswell

(516) 729-7126

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